It's official: Microsoft won't release a netbook version of Windows 7

It's official: Microsoft says it's not building a netbook-specific version of Windows 7. It announced its official lineup for Windows 7 today, and you won't find a netbook version anywhere.

In the Windows 7 lineup, which Microsoft announced today, you'll find Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Home Basic will be sold only in emerging markets.

Nowhere will you find a netbook-specific version of Windows 7. In fact, in a Q & A with Windows General Manager Mike Ybarra distributed to the press, the company says that netbooks should run Windows 7 Ultimate, the most powerful version of the new operating system. Ybarrra says:

We have designed Windows 7 so different editions of Windows 7 can run on a very broad set of hardware, from small-notebook PCs (sometimes referred to as netbooks) to full gaming desktops.

If that isn't clear enough, he has this to say as well:

At beta we've had a lot of people running our most premium, full-featured offering on small-notebook PCs (netbooks) with good experiences and good results. So we're pleased to see that on this class of hardware Windows 7 is running well.
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