RIM/Verizon prep. Wi-Fi touchscreen BlackBerry Storm 2

In Tuesday's IT Blogwatch, Richi Jennings watches rumors that Research In Motion and Verizon are already preparing a "BlackBerry Storm 2," which will include Wi-Fi. Not to mention Error'd...

Steven Grady has a tasty rumor for all you crackberry fanbois:

BlackBerry Bold
According to a source very close to the issue, Verizon has given the go for RIM to release the BlackBerry Storm 2 in September of this year. The followup to the groundbreaking Storm that was released last year as the first touchscreen Blackberry, SlashGear has been told that the new Storm 2 addresses one of the biggest criticisms of the first smartphone and of Verizon devices in general, in that it will support WiFi.


The original Blackberry Storm debuted as Verizon’s challenger to the iPhone, remains one of their flagship devices. With the release of Blackberry App World, the Storm is in an even better position to make a dent in Apple’s market share. The launch of the Storm 2 with WiFi and an improved touchscreen could draw both consumers and business users alike in to Verizon.

Wee Priya Ganapati reminds us of the previous criticism:

Research In Motion released Storm, its first touchscreen phone, in November last year. The phone received some harsh reviews on its debut from critics unhappy with the software and the user interface. But it has been a big hit among Verizon subscribers to the tune of 1 million sold within two months of its launch.

With Wi-Fi and improved touchscreen, a sequel to the Storm could be what Verizon needs to counter the iPhone on AT&T and the upcoming Palm Pre phone on Sprint.

Greg Kumparak thinks it's too soon:

RIM is already busy crackin’ away at the BlackBerry Storm 2, complete with WiFi. That all sounds perfectly reasonable (hell, we could have assumed as much) - but the release window seems a bit crazy: ... they’re aiming at September of this year.


That’s roughly 10 months between the original product and the followup ... even Apple, king of planned obsolescence, puts a full year of padding between their handset releases. Does RIM really have the gall to outdate one of their biggest ventures before it even hits its first birthday?

Ronen Halevy wonders if "2" is too much:

On the other hand this could just be a feature bump like the 8300 to the 8310 & 8320.

Joey Sanders agrees, but has heard it all before:

Heh? Would that be similar to the Rogers 9520 (the Storm with WiFi) we (and others) talked about back in December and January?


Wouldn’t you love it if less than 10 months from introduction, Verizon and RIM were to launch a Storm 2 with WiFi? ... Quite honestly, with the still-yet-to-be-upgraded OS by Verizon, I don’t think consumers will be quite thrilled to hear that Verizon has tossed them aside for yet another device.

And so has BG, but he has additional touchscreen deets:

We’ve been able to confirm that rumor a pretty long while ago, so yes, the Storm 2 will launch on Verizon with Wi-Fi ... it’s 100% confirmed.

Something not reported though, and now confirmed to us by two independent sources, is the new screen tech involved. We’re told that it improves the screen enormously and makes typing really pleasurable. Better yet? You can leave it to RIM to come up with the dumbest names possible because we heard they’re ditching SurePress and calling this one TruePress ... If we were a betting bunch we’d wager it will have a 5 megapixel camera.

Kool Moe Hoang just can't contain himself:

This is a blessing for all the business men that are tired of downloading porn through the slow network and prefer using the WiFi connection that is available.

And finally...

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