Barack Obama: Digital-Nomad-In-Chief

Barack Obama took the oath of office today, and now his world will change completely. In addition to becoming chief of the executive branch of the American government, commander-in-chief of the US military and leader of the free world, now he's also a digital nomad. Here's why.

1. He works from home

In the Senate, Obama lived at home, and worked in his office or in the Senate Chamber. Now that he's the president, he's got a sweet home office.

2. He doesn't have a desktop PC on his desk

To the best of my knowledge, no US president has ever put a desktop computer on his Oval Office desk. Obama will likely use a laptop of some kind, and may carry a BlackBerry.

3. He travels the world and keeps working the whole time

When President Obama travels on business, he doesn't put any of his work "on hold." He keeps doing all the same tasks using mobile and wireless technology.

4. He combines work with leisure, and leisure with work

Unlike the traditional model, where you work during work hours, and are "off" after work and while on weekends and holidays, President Obama will work on weekends and vacations, but also do leisure activities in the middle of the week. The leisure will happen opportunistically, and the work when necessary.

5. His car is a powerful connected computer on wheels

The "beast" -- Obama's brand-new 5.5-ton bomb-proof car, as well as Air Force One and Marine One, are all computerized and wirelessly connected as mobile offices.

In other words, Obama is a typical digital nomad. We'll, maybe he's got better gear, but in outline he's doing what most digital nomads do. The office of the president has been a digital nomad position for decades -- long before such a lifestyle was possible for ordinary white-collar workers.

In the future, most of us will be digital nomads like President Obama. Why? Because the digital nomad lifestyle is the best way to improve the quality of both your work and your life.

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