MacBook Mini spyshots unlikely real...but lust-worthy

A rogue commenter on my "fun blog" posted what appears to be some very nice Macintosh netbook images.  While they are probably not real, they seem to have gotten many people excited about the prospect of a MacBook Mini.

The images appear to have come from a Russian magazine's April edition (April Fool's Day?) and appear to be high quality images, both scanned from the magazine and "original artwork".


According to commenters, they are written in hands-on review style and include some interesting specs:

10.4" wxga display doing 1280x768, LED something (backlit I assume)

267x195x4 (millimeters one would assume)

19.4 mm (for what, I don't know)

1.03 of something

nvidia ION? nvidia mcp79, 533 MHz

intel atom z740, 1.83 Ghz, 1 meg l2 cache

2 gigs of ddr3-800 ram

geforce 9400M

64 gig ssd

bluetooth 2.1 + edr, 802.11a/b/g/n

1 usb, mini display port

5100 mA battery


While these are likely all false specs and fake, Photoshopped images, the majority of the commenters seem to want exactly this type of product.  That includes me in a post about a month ago

Apple, of course, has said that it can't make a price competitive netbook but is watching the netbook space closely.  There have been ongoing rumors that a 10-inch touch screen was headed to Apple for an upcoming product.  This type of information tends to get us Apple fans worked up.

Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo sums up this sentiment when he says: The Perfect MacBook Mini: Leak, Concept, or Fake, We Love It Anyway

For full sized-images, visit and here.

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