Apple's iPhone 3.0 Event didn't reveal everything

As the days go by after the iPhone 3.0 Announcement Event, we are starting to see that, while Apple showed us a lot, they also left a whole lot more out.

First of all we know there will be some new hardware this summer.  Apple has traditionally (I say that even though there have only been two iPhone releases) released its new iPhones in June with new versions of the iPhone software.  

Not only is a new iPhone a part of Apple's schedule, but the 3.0 software has had some clues in it that reveal some new iPhones and a new iPod are in the works.  Interestingly, it also reveals that there are some as-of-yet unamed products, perhaps even a tablet in the pipeline.

AT&T is also clearing out iPhone inventory by selling iPhones to current customers without plans.

It isn't just hardware. The iPhone 3.0 OS has surprised developers with some additional features that Apple didn't go over at the presentation.  In the Q&A, Apple mentioned that they were working on a tethering solution.  One intrepid user found out that it was already in the iPhone 3.0 OS and could be activated fairly easily.

iphone video

Additionally, it looks like Apple may finally enable video in the new iPhone 3.0 OS.  A video upload screen was found by Engadget that seems to indicate that the iPhone will be able to take video.

Unfortunately, it could be locked into Apple's services instead of using great products like Qik to get into the app store.

Apple is also including a service called Find My iPhone that was found recently by some developers.  It, again, only works with MobileMe, but it can not only track your iPhone, but it can also do a remote wipe of the iPhone just like Exchange Administrators can do with the devices.

All of this information was found by developers in the first few days of rooting through the new OS.  I expect to see many more hidden features revealed in the next few months before the iPhone 3.0 launch.

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