NVIDIA says new MacBook/Pro can do 8GB of RAM

Update: it looks like even through the machine will support it, Mac OSX doesn't fully support 8GB on this machine.

NVIDIA today told me that Apple's new MacBooks have the capability of going to 8GB of RAM. There is just one caveat...

That RAM is quite expensive and needs to be certified by NVIDIA...but first, how did I arrive at this information?


The NVIDIA 9300 Chipset, which is basically the same as the 9400 and 9400M Chipset, supports 8GB of RAM. Why wouldn't a newer, faster, but otherwise unchanged chipset on a chip support 8GB of RAM?

I put the question to NVIDIA who've stated that:


Yes, an 8GB system can be built using two such SODIMMs after the memory is qualified with GF 9400M.

This is great news for those of us who like to run lots of VMs, CS3 Apps and even do some video editing on our laptops. The downside is that the current prices for 4GB, 204-pin SODIMM, DDR3 PC3-8500 memory modules from Crucial are $590/each. This isn't going to hit the "sweet spot" so to speak.

Apple has a curious history of under-representing its computers. For instance, the current Mac Mini states that it can only go up to 2GB of RAM. However, as many people have learned, it is possible to upgrade it to 4GB, though many question whether or not it will address the full 4GB or just 3GB of RAM.

Mac Mini with 4GB of RAM on OWC's website compared to Apple's Mac Mini RAM specs.

While this hasn't been officially confirmed by Apple yet, it should work. However, DO NOT take my word for it, Apple could have a software limitation which prohibits the full abilities of the chipset being used. I am hoping someone out there can confirm this so that those of us who can afford 8GB of RAM (not I) can go ahead and shovel our cash towards Crucial.

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