Konica Minolta building thumbdrive-size projector

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. -- Konica Minolta is reportedly working on a PowerPoint projector that's so small you could fit several of them into a single pocket. The projector uses laser beams and vibrating mirrors instead of light bulbs and lenses.

How small? The projector will be only 1.6 inches long, .79 inch wide, and only .3 inch thick. That would make the projector not only as small as a thumbdrive, but as small as a very small thumbdrive. 

The projector would reportedly be capable of throwing up a 20-inch XGA color image from a distance of about 21 inches. 

Konica Minolta says they'll have their thumbdrive-size projectors on the market within two or three years.

At post time, the news of Konica Minolta's pico projector project has been reported only on the Japanese subscription news site Nikkei.

(Thanks to CrunchGear)

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