Wireless USB hub (brick?) to hit MacBooks next month?

While out trolling some message boards this week, I happened upon a Flickr image of what looks like a Photoshopped Apple Web page with a new, thinner MacBook Touch type of device...but there was something next to this device that piqued my interest.

While this form factor is certainly drool-worthy, what was really interesting was this little box off to the right of the device. Who knows if this image is real - frankly I think it is bogus...but what if Apple included a little "brick" with its next generation laptops that acted kind of like a wireless mini-dock?

Perhaps the "brick" would have a Wireless USB hub (like this). We know that most features of a traditional dock can be used with USB. Audio in/out, keyboards, mice, DVD drives, external hard drives, networking... even new displays can be plugged in via USB. The Belkin USB Wireless hub operates at 480mbits/sec, the same data rate as USB2 at three meters and 100mbits at up to 10 meters.

MacBook Brick

Just about the only thing that needs to connect the inside of a computer to the outside world is the power.

Has Apple reinvented the wireless dock? Will the new MacBooks ship with only one wire? The one for power?

I don't know..I guess we'll see October 14th.

Let me know what you think below.

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