As Apple's iPod line matures, a new device becomes likely for September 9th event

"..several more wonderful new products to launch in the coming months.."

That's what Apple's COO Tim Cook repeated early and often in the July earnings call two months ago. Apple isn't usually one to drop hints so this was news.

As most in the Apple community know, there is a music-related event on Tuesday. The consensus in said community is that there will be new iPod Nanos with a new form factor. The iPod Touch will likely also see some slight improvements and iTunes 8 will be released with more features. However, industry analysts think that is about it and are preparing their clients to be underwhelmed. These analysts aren't always right, however.

ipod table itable ipad

Apple has been uncharacteristically lackadaisical about its iPod secrecy. Just about every case maker has received designs for the new devices and has produced products ahead of the launch. It almost seems like Apple doesn't care about these things anymore. 4G Nanos are even showing up all over the Internet. Perhaps Apple is trying to divert attention away from the real story?

While I think that Apple will release some new MacBooks in about a month, I think this particular occasion might be a cause for some new type of non-Mac hardware. Apple's September events are traditionally an entertainment-only occasion.

So what is smaller than a computer and larger than life?

Yeah, I am going to say it...Will it be the tablet? The itablet, the iPad, the iPod Tablet?

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