Apple's iPod event predictions, liveblog [updated]

Liveblog- going on now

It's that time of year again ... time for Apple to unveil its Fall 2008 iPod line. There might be more to this year's event than the typical iPod announcement as Apple has been telling the press that they really, really should show up to this event because it is a "big deal".


We've heard a few more reports of Apple telling reporters that this event will be a "big deal" and urging them to come. While it's hard to read too much into this sort of hype, it does not appear to be typical practice for Apple.


After telling various members of the media that the event will be a "big deal," Apple sure does seem to want everyone to be there, and not just to confirm the existence of everything we've already heard about.

Update: Kevin Rose has updated his predictions here


So what does Apple have in store? I'll break down my predictions below in order of most likely to pipe dreams:

  1. iPod Nanos will get refreshed. Double the capacity in the new form factor. A new rainbow of colors.
  2. iPod touch will get an iPhone makeover. Not just in aesthetics (plastic back) but also in iPhone features. Likely a GPS option. Some small speakers? A camera, less likely but not impossible. Maybe even Bluetooth. Oh and maybe even a slight price drop.
  3. iPhone (and iPod) 2.1 software will be released. Primarily a bugfix version, there will be some special new features that this version will have. Perhaps downloadable GPS maps for starters?
  4. iTunes 8 will be unveiled with Pandora-like Genius recommendation system. Maaaaybe .Mac syncing of personal Music - if Apple is technically ready - this might wait. Outside chance at unlimited subscriptions.

That covers the likely candidates....but what's this "big deal"? It could be:

  1. A tablet based on iPhone OS
  2. A MacBook line refresh (at an iPod Event?!)
  3. A wearable iPod computer with heads up display
  4. Some AppleTV news - like embedding into TVs
  5. Something that no one has though of outside of Cupertino...
  6. A scary Steve Jobs announcement - like he really is sick

In any case I'll be hanging around the old blog capturing all of the live feeds into one semi-coherent scroll of information if you feel like dropping in tomorrow at 10am PST.

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