iPod Nano 4G revealed, will UI change?

After all of the hoopla, the many manufacturer's 4G iPod Nano skins revealed and Kevin Rose's description, we have what looks to be a 4G Nano. The interesting thing is (obviously) that Apple has reverted to the 2G Nano's form factor albeit with a larger screen (see picture).


So now that apple has a 3:4 aspect ratio (or thereabouts) portrait screen, will the traditional iPod interface have to change as well?

Videos and movies will obviously be better suited to moving the iPod Nano into a landscape mode. But navigating the interface still looks like it will be easier in the verticle mode. Is Apple going to try to fit 480x320 pixels on this little guy? Doubtful.

More likely, they have changed the classic iPod experience to fit a portrait mode. This could also affect iPod Classics.

If Apple does fit more pixels in there, will it gain any of the iPod Touch features?

These things are supposed to double in capacity (8, 16Gb) and be on store shelves as soon as they are announced on Tuesday. Probably in Orange.

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