A stupid credit card thief

Here's a great story.  Police in Iowa City got a call from a man saying that his wallet had been stolen from his apartment.  The police started the investigation, and they quickly discovered that that the crook was not hard to find.  That was because Kody David Merrival, the alleged thief, made all kinds of dumb mistakes when using the card:

  1. He purchased some coffee from Java House, but he used his own “Java Peaks” account to buy it.
  2. He bought a carton of cigarettes with the card and signed with his own signature.
  3. He then attempted to buy $154.21 worth of merchandise.  When the card came up stolen, he presented his own identification.
  4. He then attempted to make another purchase AFTER the card had shown stolen at the previous establishment.

When the police finally nabbed him, he claimed that he had found the cards in his living room after a party. 

Why oh why can't all crooks be this dumb.  I guess if they were, a lot of people would be out of a job.  I really think I can live with that trade-off, even though I would be one of the ones to lose a job.

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