September iPhone update 2.1 ... all about bug fixes

There is no doubt that iPhone 2.0.x software is buggier and slower (in contact browsing for instance, not Internet speed) than the previous iPhone software. Many people are also complaining about 3G speed issues, painfully long sync times, some security vulnerabilities and call dropping.

That hasn't stopped the onslaught of people buying them. Some sources say that Apple may have already doubled its first generation iPhone sales numbers, and it goes on sale at Best Buy on September 7th. Also, the App store has been a resounding success.

Apple is slowly recognizing these faults and has said that they are fixing them. Emails have also purportedly come out, directly from Steve Jobs, saying that fixes are in route.

Is Apple serious about quashing the bugs? Yes. In fact, the latest beta builds of the iPhone 2.1 software have dropped the background synching capability, most likely so Apple engineers could focus on fiing bugs - rather than introducing new ones with the new features. Apple promised the functionality by September and will likely have to backtrack a bit in when 2.1 is released next month.

However, it isn't all bad news. Apple may finally have a really legitimate tethering plan in place in September. Steve Jobs wrote a Gizmodo user saying that Apple was working with AT&T and presumably the other international carriers on this functionality but no more details were forthcoming. Currently the only way to tether the iPhone is to jailbreak it, unless you were lucky enough to grab the convoluted NetShare application the day it was available in the iTunes App Store.

I literally can't wait.


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