Orange in Poland hiring actors to wait in line for iPhone launch

According to Reuters, a Poland Orange spokesman has admitted to hiring people to wait in line for the device in front of its stores.  Really?

"We have these fake queues at front of 20 stores around the country to drum up interest in the iPhone,"

As someone who waited weeks before entering the multi-hour queue at the hectic Soho Apple store, I have to wonder...why the need to hire actors?  Reuters goes on to say that Tmobile, which is also selling the iPhone in Poland, doesn't seem to have any lines in front of their stores.  Is the data plan that horrific there?  Or maybe Apple just isn't as popular?


Also, if I am a Pole and I have a choice (wouldn't it be nice to have a choice?!)  am I going to go to a Tmobile store with no line or an Orange Store with a bunch of actors in the way of me getting my iPhone?

Tmobile here I come!

My understanding is that the 3G data plan offered with the iPhone is out of the reach of most ordinary Polish budgets and iPhone hysteria hasn't quite made it to Poland.  Maybe it will be more of a hit in neighboring Russia come October.


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