Shark Tank: See? Duct tape can fix ANYTHING

Net admin pilot fish gets a call from a warehouse he supports. The problem: PCs and wireless devices have stopped working.

"Only the loading dock office was down," fish reports. "The front offices were fine. I had someone verify there was power to the network switch in that location, since the wireless base stations and all those PCs connect to that switch.

"It was OK. We power-cycled the switch anyway. Still didn't work."

Fish narrows the possibilities to the switch in the loading dock office, the fiber transceiver there, the run of fiber cable and the other network switch in the front office. The problem has to be somewhere in that network.

And fish finally finds it. "Further testing turned out that the fiber transceiver has buttons," says fish. "When those buttons are pushed in, the devices work.

"When they are not pushed in, the devices fail.

"And for some reason now, those buttons do not stay pushed in."

Solution? "The person at the warehouse wound up duct-taping the heck out of the transceiver so the buttons would stay in until I can get a replacement part out to them."

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