Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Here comes 'Mobile Tuesday'

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. -- Step aside, Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- there's a new discount day in town. A cell phone marketing company called Mobigosee is trying to launch a third shopping day called "Mobile Tuesday," where the discounts come to you in the form of cell phone coupons and advertisements.

The first of these "Mobile Tuesday" events is tomorrow, December 2. Mobigosee is launching the event with just three companies advertising deals: McDonald's, Finish Line and RedTag, according to an article in AdvertisingAge. The promotions will target stores in 10 cities, and will include radio, "outdoor media" and online ads to promote the program.

Some 18,000 people have signed up to receive Mobile Tuesday notices, and most of those have reportedly come through "Black Friday" leak sites.

What do you think? Will Mobile Tuesday catch on? Are you willing to hand over your cell phone number to a marketing company in exchange for deals?

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