The biggest Blue Screen of Death ever

No... Ah stuff; there I was watching the Olympics opening ceremonies when I thought, for just a second, that I saw a BSOD during the run up to the lighting of the Olympic flame. It turns out I hadn't been spending too much time at the keyboard. It seems that during the lighting ceremony that Windows really had fouled up on the world's largest stage.

You can see the evidence at the Australia's Sydney Morning Herald. I wonder what newly retired Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, who was in Beijing for the Olympics, thought?

Adding insult to injury, the mis-behaving computer wasn't running Vista. It was running XP.

Why? Because, according to the Morning Herald, both the Beijing Olympics committee and Lenovo, a major backer of the games, had deliberately chosen to run XP operating system on the games' PC because they didn't trust Vista. Turns out they shouldn't have trusted XP either, but they should have known that. Best of all, Lenovo chairman, Yang Yuanqing, said Lenovo had chosen not to use Vista because, "If it's not stable, it could have some problems."

So, next time you go to an online PC sales Web site and you see that line about "We recommend Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium," just remember: They're lying.

Not, mind you, as the whole world just saw, that XP is much of an improvement.

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