WWDC 2008 predictions

Here I am again, putting it all out on the line. I got pretty lucky on my Macworld predictions, hopefully I can keep up the streak with WWDC 2008 predictions:

1. iPhone 3G - will be talked about plenty and probably shown off. But you won't be able to pick one up today at an Apple store. It won't hit shelves until mid to late June in the US and around the world shortly thereafter. The 3G iPhone will have 3G (duh) with the ability to turn off the 3G to save power. It will also have GPS - which will play into the 'Landmark event' moniker that has been given to this show.

It looks like the prices will come in at about 1/2 of the previous model's...with a plan of course. Some (O2 UK) will even offer pay as you go plan. Look for AT&T to start at $200 with a 2 year plan.

The 3G iPhone will have the ability to record video and might have an application to video chat. Third party applications will be announced from every aspect of the software world. Obviously games will be a huge factor. Utilities like Slingbox (announced?) and Skype (over WiFi) are expected to hit.

There might even be 2 models to choose from....

2. OS 10.6 - Snow Leopard - this late entry may be the big surprise of the show. I think that Snow Leopard will be another OSX OS optimized for MacBook Airs and smaller (tablets?) running Intel Atom Processors. This would explain the diverging bridges in the WWDC invitation. IT would also be a Landmrk Event.

3. MacBooks and MacBook Pros are due for an update very shortly. Unfortunately, Intel is behind on their processors so new models are most likely pushed back a few months....unless Apple has worked its magic and gotten a few ahead of time. It is also time for a design refresh a la MacBook Air.

4. MacBook Air is also due to be updated at some point with hopefully some sort of 3G wireless/WiMAX option and even, dare I say GPS? Maybe a new Snow Leopard OS and a better processor as well. No more complaints from me.

5. iMacs are usually updated later in the year and have had incramental updates recently. Mac Pros could very well see an update, this is a developer conference after all! Not terribly likely though.

6. New Displays? Probably not. Apple, either update these artifacts or kill the line. Yes, they are still the best in the business, but they cost double of what average displays cost at the same size/pixel resolution. The best color is great for designers but your average Mac user doesn't need to spend $800 on a 23 inch montitor when a quality Dell 24 inch costs $400...unless it has something like a camera on it ;)

7. MobileMe (me.com) - .Mac for everyone (including PCs). Hopefully better, more features. Free? Google Apps tie in? Blogging? All possible. I am preparing to be underwhelmed though...this isn't Apple's strong point.

8. Tablet? Some analysts are saying 50-50 chance. With the Snow Leopard OS, this would be a significant development. Intel Atom processors are ready. So is GPS? Oh my.

9. iPods are for August. But the iPod touch will get the new 2.0 software which might be a sleeper hit. Microsoft Exchange on your iPod? Who would've thunk it?

10. New, never before thought of stuff. I hope so. That is why I tune in.

That's all for now...Any other guesses out there?


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