Photoshop CS "Next" (4) may offer GPU speed optimization , still not 64-bit on Mac

John Nack, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop (or DJ Telnet) let loose on Internet journalists again after TG Daily ran a story about GPU acceleration in Adobe Photoshop "CS4".

The short version is that yes, Adobe's next version of Photoshop will have GPU acceleration that will do amazing things for big image editing. No word yet on the 32bit vs. 64 bit Mac vs. Windows version.

Nack is pissed about the information around the outer edges...

John's first contention is that it isn't "Creative Suite 4", it is "Creative Suite Next".

... TG Daily, stating that "Photoshop CS4" (a term that I've never heard anyone from Adobe use publicly) "is expected to be released on October 1." Uhh... expected by whom? And based on what?

I didn't say anything about schedule. In fact, I never said that any of this stuff is promised to go into any particular version of Photoshop. Rather, as with previous installments, it's a technology demonstration of some things we've got cooking--nothing more.

You have to give TG Daily the benefit of the doubt here. CS1, CS2, CS3, and now CS(?) It doesn't take a MIT PhD. to deduce the next version from number sequence. And if Adobe does switch up their branding strategy to next, more than a few people will still use the number system they know and love.

About the scheduled release... TG Daily says:

According to information we were given, all of these new features are part of the next-gen Photoshop, which should be a part of the “CS Next” suite. The package is expected to be released on October 1.

Not sure why this upsets Nack so much. It sounds liklike a reasonable guess.

I guess we'll know for sure in October if CSNext hits the shelves.

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