Changewave says iPhone 3G about to pwn smart phone consumer space

If you are planning on purchasing a smart phone over the next 90 days in the US, chances are your choice will be an iPhone. Changewave found that of the 10.5 percent of respondents who said they anticipated picking up a smart phone in the next 3 months, a whopping 56 percent of them were planning on a 3G iPhone from AT&T.

As you can see from the graph below, iPhone is pulling away from Blackberry in a huge way. Statistically tied at 29 percent in March, the iPhone is now favored by a 2:1 margin over the Blackberry by consumers.


And the Treo ... poor Treo. Left to die without an operating system upgrade for five years, the once pioneer in the smart phone industry continues its downward spiral.

Additionally, Changewave notes that over 10 percent of respondents were planning on getting a smart phone over the next three months. That is the highest percentile ever recorded from them and shows a sharp rise after plateauing for the past few years.

This survey was outside of the enterprise space where Changewave also expects the iPhone to fare well.


By not selling the iPhone for the last two months, Apple has artificially increased demand somewhat. However, its numbers had been rising steadily ever since the iPhone's introduction last year. Changewave gives credit for the increases to Apple's customer satisfaction record:

Another reason for Apple's continued popularity is its incredible customer satisfaction rating. An extraordinary four-in-five iPhone owners (78%) report they're Very Satisfied with their iPhone. RIM ranks second, with a highly respectable 54% of its customers saying they're Very Satisfied. Palm (29%), while up a few points since our previous survey, still ranks near the bottom in terms of customer satisfaction.

In another positive for the new 3G iPhone, better than one-in-two current iPhone owners (55%) say they're Very Likely to buy the 3G iPhone for themselves or someone else in the future. And many don't plan to wait long. Among this group, half (50%) say they'll purchase within the first 90 days of release.

Whatever the reason, Apple's iPhone star will likely rocket to the stratosphere this weekend with 3G iPhone releases in 22 countries and over 70 overall in the coming year.


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