Apple outsources its server storage to Promise Technologies

Along with updating its high-performance shared disk file system - XSAN, Apple today discontinued its line of XServe RAID storage systems and replaced them with Promise RAID boxes. The new boxes can be configured with up to sixteen 750GB SATA hard drives or 16 SAS 300GB drives for up to 12 TB of storage. The 12TB SATA model tops out at $15,000. You can buy an expansion chasis fitted with 16 75Gb Drives for $12,000. Individual 750GB SATA Drives are $400 each.

The former Xserve RAID was 14x750Gb.

Promise's RAID box is also certified to work with Apple's new Xsan 2 high-performance shared disk file system.


From Promise's website:

Apple Xsan 2 and Final Cut Studio 2 Qualified

The Promise VTrak E-Class RAID subsystems are qualified for use with Apple Xsan 2 and Final Cut Studio 2, providing industry leading performance, reliability and scalability to some of the world’s most demanding storage environments. Featuring dual active/active RAID controllers with automatic Fail over/Fail back capabilities and 4Gb Fibre Channel connectivity, The Promise VTrak E-Class RAID subsystem delivers multiple streams of uncompressed high def video without dropped frames. The unique integrated VTrak E-Class products sold through the Apple online Store and through Apple Authorized Resellers have been tested by Apple to ensure the performance and reliability you expect from an Apple qualified product.

Active/active Controllers and I/O Modules

The advanced subsystem design includes fully redundant, active/active hot-swappable controllers and load balanced power and cooling units. All system components are monitored for continuous operation and send instant user notification in case of failure or malfunction. The active/active RAID controllers balance the workload across the data paths in normal operation and provide redundant data paths and high availability in the unlikely event of a controller failure.

E-class rear view
VTrak E-Class RAID Subsystem (rear view)4Gb Fibre Channel SAN Performance and Reliability

Dual 4Gb Fibre Channel host interface ports per controller provide connectivity for direct attached storage and widely deployed storage area networks. With full auto negotiation functionality VTrak E-Class RAID subsystems are perfect for adding capacity to existing Xserve RAID installations and creating new high performance 4Gb per second volumes under Xsan.

SAS and SATA Hard Drive Support

Supporting both SAS and SATA drives allows deployments of tiered storage on a single flexible storage platform. Each standard 3U 19" rack unit supports up to sixteen 15,000-rpm 3.5" SAS or 7,200-rpm SATA 3Gb/s drives. If your application requires large sequential data transfers, like video editing, SATA drives are a perfect fit. If your application requires the efficient random access of many small files such as database and web transactions then SAS drives would provide optimum performance.

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