A preview peek at Windows 7 screenshots

The Russian site What's Next? has posted what is says is a gallery of screenshots of Windows 7. I have no idea if this is real, but if it is, at the moment, the interface doesn't look a whole lot different than Windows Vista. But it does show a nifty new feature that every Windows user will welcome.

In the gallery, there's little to distinguish what you see from Windows Vista, as you can see from one sample screen, below.

Windows 7 screenshot

But if you look at the screenshot posted of a listing of all Control Panel items, below, you'll see something new I've pointed to that's very intriguing --- the Recovery Center.

Windows 7 Recovery Center

As far as I can tell, the Recover Center will allow you to restore a damaged Windows installation without having to reinstall the whole operating system from disk. Better yet, it will let you do that, without you having to lose any of your data.

Also notable is a new HomeGroup feature, which appears to be a home networking refinement that makes it easier to share media with others on your network. Another Windows 7 feature makes it easer to pin items to the Start menu.

Apart from that, the basic interface is the same, as are the icons, the gadgets, the Start button and pretty much everything else you can see. That should surprise no one, though --- not uncommonly at the early development stage, they're working on the plumbing rather than the interface. So even if the gallery of screenshots is real, that isn't to say that Windows 7 will look anything like what you see there.

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