Microsoft screws up big-time with TechNet update

Microsoft is touting an update to TechNet as a big bonus for subscribers. But with subscribers revolting over Microsoft's refusal to include SP1 as a download, who cares about the new interface?

Microsoft just announced that it is launching what it calls "the biggest update to the TechNet Plus Subscriber Downloads experience." It's making the most of the fact that it will be easier than ever to find and get new downloads.

The company is missing the point, though. People care about what they download, not how they download it.

Microsoft would do well to pay attention to its TechNet Plus customers, who according to an article by Computerworld's Gregg Keizer, "have unleashed a tidal wave of criticism against the decision to not make the RTM version of SP1 available immediately."

The TechNet Plus blog is filled with more than 130 angry comments about Microsoft's decision not to release SP1 RTM.

One user named "PopePeter" says "Microsoft in its infinite wisdom has chosen to kick its core user base right where it hurts."

Another named Jim added, "This is the lamest decision since Microsoft Bob. I get this the same time as my mom?"

Plenty of subscribers are saying they'll pull the plug on their subscriptions because of Microsoft's decision. I'm guessing that eventually Microsoft will back off on this one --- after all, there's revenue involved.

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