Clean out the gunk: The best free Windows junk-cleaner of all time

Need to clean out all the gunk from Windows and your PC? Here's my favorite free utility of all time for keeping your PC clean and fast-running --- and that also keeps a lot of your computer and Internet activity safe from prying eyes.

Anyone who uses Windows needs this free utility, CCleaner. For a start, it gets rid of all the junk left behind by your browser, including temporary files, your browsing history, your URL list, Autocomplete information, and more. It handles Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.

It does similar work for Windows itself, including getting rid of temporary files and log files. And it cleans junk and gunk from many applications as well, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Nero, Windows Media Player, and plenty others.

Finally, it degunks your Registry and speeds up your PC, by finding unused and old Registry keys, values, and entries. To make sure it doesn't do any harm, there's also a Registry backup and restore feature.

It's free, it keeps your system clean, and it helps protect your privacy. It's on the top of my must-download list.

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