Forrester: Businesses need Vista, should shun the Mac

Mac acolytes might not like to hear this, but a just-released report from Forrester Research concludes that large businesses should upgrade to Vista as soon as possible, and forgo the Mac. Even Linux, the report concludes, is a no-go for big companies.

The report, titled "Building The Business Case For Windows Vista," offers a variety of reasons that corporations should move to Vista as soon as they can. Here's an excerpt from its first reason:

For large businesses, there’s no viable alternative. According to our latest hardware survey, Microsoft operating systems are powering 99% of North American and European enterprise PCs and 97% of small to medium-size business (SMB) PCs.

The report notes that Vista SP1 has begun to spur companies to deploy Vista. It then asks the question, "What about Linux or Mac OS X?" Here's its unequivocal answer:

These operating systems have certainly found their way into niche environments within businesses and select industries: Apple shows up frequently in marketing and scientific research departments and in the healthcare and retail segments; Novell, Red Hat, and even Ubuntu are used in financial services firms and government agencies. But switching over thousands of users at a time from Windows to one of these alternative platforms is simply not a viable option.

I couldn't agree more. The Mac is well-suited for certain niches. But for big, enterprise-wide deployments, it's simply not practical for companies to make the switch. As I've written before, there are a variety of reasons virtualization software for Mac OS X won't solve the problem.

The bottom line: If you're a big business, you're a Windows shop. And Vista is the way to go.

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