Final Cut Server now shipping from Apple

The long overdue server-side Media Library / Video Asset Management application from Apple is now shipping.  Final Cut Server is the repackaged and re-tooled application that was originally called Artbox and made by Sydney-based Proximity Group.  Apple purchased Proximity two years ago.  Although only officially released today, the software has been in use by many video production houses for many months - and the previous Artbox platform has been in use for years throughout the world.

Final Cut Server is basically a cross platform asset management database that enables you to better keep track of, and search through, all of your tapes, clips, files, graphics, images, music tracks etc.. the iTunes of video asset management. 

Functions of the new software package include:

  • Automatic asset cataloging.

  • Rapid search, preview, and access.

  • fcserver_box_125_080408.jpg

    Workflow automation tools.

  • Intuitive collaboration features.

  • Seamless multiformat delivery.

  • Flexible configuration options.

Final Cut Server is available immediately for $999 for one server and 10 concurrent client licenses, and $1,999 for one server and unlimited client licenses. Check Apple's website or the video below for more....


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