Build-to-order cell phone store launched

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- A company called zzzPhone offers cell phone handsets that you can customize during your order on their Web site -- just like you do when buying a PC from Dell. You choose a "base model" and color, then hand-pick components like GPS, high-rez camera or additional storage.

A press release issued by the company today says zzzPhone is an American company with a factory in China that uses " the same high quality components as major brands Motorola, Nokia, Palm, and Samsung; these unlocked, tri-band cell phones deliver features that exceed those offered on the ultra-popular Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone, at less than half the price."

In addition to GPS, an up to 7-megapixel camera and processor upgrade, other add-ons inclue 4 gigabytes of memory, "stereo-quality" speakers and even music and movies pre-installed at the factory.

The zzzPhone Web site says phones use "Windows Mobile or equivalent" operating systems.  

All zzzPhones work anywhere in the world except for Europe, according to the release.

The two SIM card slots enable you to use two accounts from two different carriers on the same phone.

zzzPhone is targeting individual cell phone users and small companies.

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