It isn't just consumers. Businesses love Leopard (and hate Vista) too.

Changewave came out with its latest survey on PC buying this week which continue to show good signs for Apple vs. the rest of the computer industry.  Overall, the market looks flat to weakening for the big enterprise computer makers like HP and Dell.  Apple, according to Changewave's Jim Woods and Paul Carton will see no such slowdown.

Apple is maintaining or exceeding its year over year 50% marketshare improvements in both laptop and desktop computers that it was seeing at the begining of the year.  Importantly, corporate planned Mac purchases are at or near record highs with 7% for laptops and 6% for desktops.


Why is Apple more successful than Dell or HP?  Survey says...


Clearly, Leopard is pleasing the masses much, much more than Vista.  With XP getting killed off  of new machines in three months and its future support in question, wary IT execs may want to consider other, non-Windows options like Linux or Mac.

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