Here's why IE8 crashes

As I wrote about in my previous blog, IE8 hosed my system shortly after I installed it. I've got it up and running again, and found out the source of the crash. Read on for details.

When I first installed IE8, my system crashed when I tried to check out the new WebSlice feature. I clicked to subscribe to one, then opened up the sidebar, and that's when IE8 crashed. Re-starting it didn't work, and restarting my PC didn't work. Each time, it crashed. I used System Restore, and then even IE7 wouldn't work.

However, I managed to get IE8 working again by re-installing. And then, brave soul that I am, I clicked the Favorites icon, to open the sidebar...and you can guess what happened. IE8 crashed. So that seems to be the culprit. This time around, though, when I re-start IE8, it works.

If you're testing out IE8, let me know your experiences. Do you crash when you try to use the sidebar as well?

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