Blogging about Pakistan's bird flu

Bird flu bloggers are busy writing about the outbreak in Pakistan, where eight people have been infected with bird flu and one has died. If bird flu morphs into a pandemic, easily spread human-to-human, the first hint of global peril may come from these bloggers.

The bird flu bloggers are not taking blood samples and culling chicken flocks in Indonesia or Pakistan. But they are good at tracking news, medical journal reports and official announcements to let their readers know what’s credible, new or bears watching. That is a valuable service.

Bird flu outbreaks generate hundreds of news items, many incomplete and sometimes contradictory. Knowing which sources are reliable, what information might be suspect and where government pressure may have had a role in the information flow, takes experience and the bird flu bloggers are getting plenty of it.

This is the list of bird flu blogs in my newsreader. It’s far, far from complete and I often check out additional links on each of the sites listed here. There are many other sources of medical news as well as blog posts. A recent standout in the Daily Kos: H5N1: Another Country (Or Two) Heard From.

One active bird flu blogger is also an IT manager, Scott McPherson, the CIO of the Florida House of Representatives and chair of the Florida CIO Council Pandemic Preparedness Committee. He tracks general bird flu issues but also looks at related IT issues as well.

Other blogs:


Avian Flu Diary

Effect Measure

News sources:

Bird Flu Breaking News The most exhaustive headline resource out there.

The Flu Wiki A deep resource with an active comment forum. (This link is the forum)

The coming influenza pandemic? A carefully selected headline roundup.

Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy (CIDRAP) Very informed.

Please add your recommendations in comments. I may update this list.

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