An "Ocean's 11"-style hit on a data center in London

In London, a bunch of crooks got into a data center by posing as cops and made off with $4 million worth of hardware. Though not corroborated from what I have seen, it has been reported that the theives gained entry "by claiming that they were investigating claims that there were people on the roof of the building."

Though JP Morgan refused to comment, the article says that they are one of a few firms that use this data center. That's scary from an identity theft perspective. Of course, if the following statement is true, everything is just peachy (right...).

Fortunately the thieves are thought to have got away with just the computer hardware, and not any sensitive information which may also have been stored at the facility.

Someone on a forum I frequent said that it was possible that the stolen hardware was just servers and that the data was residing on SAN disks or something such as that. The theory is very plausible, but it smells a little bit like a cover-up until someone figures out what all is gone. It is great if the statement is true, but I would not accept that at face-value until some real evidence comes out that confirms it.

Though I never condone this sort of behavior, it was a very gutsy move by the theives. This would probably make a great case study about social engineering. Of course, I also wonder how they got all that hardware out without it looking suspicious.

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