USAID Tanzania server hacked


I ran across this story about the USAID server in Tanzania being hacked with porn links. The links were pointed at malware sites that tried to install the Zlob trojan on visiting machines. (Can you say "bot net"? I knew you could)

Apparently this site is served up on a local Tanzania server, even though it is a .gov site. That seems a little dangerous to me, though the USAID official commenting on the story said that the server was not part of the main USAID network.

"We do have security standards written into all our (Web-hosting) contracts. … Those standards were broken in this case … and we are reviewing the contract." She said it had been awarded by the USAID mission in Tanzania but had no further details.

Of course, how better to help a country than to use local businesses? But it might be prudent for USAID to start thinking about sending over some American security consultants to show the locals how to build a more secure web server!

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