Hop-on brings back disposable phone

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- Hop-on, Inc. announced plans yesterday to reintroduce its disposable cell phones, and make them available to Verizon Wireless customers.

Verizon announced Nov. 27 that it would open its network to "any device."

Called the "Graffiti," or "HOP1900," the $50 phone will be sold


through a Hop-on subsidiary called Graffiti Wireless not directly to users, but to distributors, such as convenience and drug store chains.

Though called a disposable phone, Hop-on offers a rebate to customers who return the phones for recycling.

The phones were first rolled out in 2001, and then cost $40 each. The 2.37 inch wide, 4.24 inches high, and 0.59 inches deep phones were sold in convenience stores, and offered limited functionality -- namely phone calls. Each phone had its own toll-free number, so long-distance calls coming in cost callers nothing.

The original disposable phone came with 60 minutes of talk time, which could be extended by calling in with a credit card. People returning the phone by mail or at the place where they're sold earned them a $5 rebate.

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