T-Mobile given iPhone restraining order in Germany care of Vodafone

Even living in Europe I certainly don't pretend to understand all of the rules and regulations that go on here. However, T-Mobile apparantly is doing something wrong in the way is sells plans for the iPhone.

Vodafone is questioning Deutsche Telekom's iPhone sales practices, the spokesman said. Deutsche Telekom is marketing the iPhone exclusively in Germany.

Specifically, Vodafone is questioning the iPhone's exclusive use in T-Mobile's network and the use of the device being limited to certain fees within T- Mobile's subscription offerings.

Vodafone isn't generally opposed to T-Mobile's exclusivity contract with Apple, but wants to have these new sales practices examined, the spokesman said. The restraining order doesn't aim at a total sales stop, he added.

The French iPhone that will be sold on Orange's network and also unlocked is slated to go on sale next week. It is not clear whether it is a German Law or EU Law breaking that is being questioned.

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