H-1B scam targets Indian visa seekers

Most of the attention regarding the H-1B visa program is on the impact it has on U.S. workers, but Indian workers face their own perils in deciding to seek a visa, as described by one blogger.

The writer, Brijesh, at the blog Uyarangalilekku (Scaling New Heights), who is from India and is working in Arizona, says H-1B seekers in India can be charged exhorbitant fees by consultants who promise to deliver an H-1B visa but don't. See: To All H1B Seekers – Beware of Hidden Traps.

He writes of two friends "who were cheated" in the H-1B process.

Brijesh closes this post by asking visa seekers to question the decision to come to the U.S.

With the declining dollar value and increasing job opportunities in India is it worthwhile to land in the US with a visa sponsored by a shady consultant, sit on bench for a long period of time and struggle to get a job?

Benching refers to a practice of not paying an H-1B visa holder between jobs.

An earlier post on this topic by Brijesh drew over 100 comments. Some of the commenters offer insight into the pressure they face to get an H-1B. Wrote one:

I am one of the unfortunate guys who are forced to get an H1B and come to work in US just for the fact that not planning to come into US makes you look "un-initiated" to your top management. I was forced to apply for H1 as if I did not I would look like a person who "doesn't take initative" "cannot take responsibilities" & "has issues with communication" as per my manager. So to save my career and not to painted as a slacker, I apply for an H1 and am here.

I have no wish or motivation to be here. True, I made some cash and got some cool gadgets here, but I had lived without it for the past 27 years and can do without it in the future too.

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