Twitter retweets favorites! Twitter retweets favorites!


Twitter's experiment takes a dive.

Not satisfied to amble along a trail of user mistrust blazed by Facebook and OKCupid -- Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is taking a shortcut to the land of user annoyance. Its inexplicable decision to retweet favorites is making users tweet about changes to favorites -- secretly hoping their tweets become retweeted Twitter favorites -- yet at the same time hoping their own favorites aren't retweeted for the same exact reason.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers think about it over and over again.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.


Twitter is pushing Jon Fingas' buttons:

Have you recently noticed people commenting on your Twitter favorites, even when you didn't (intentionally) share them with the rest of the world? You're not alone. The social network has started putting your favorites and following activity in your followers' timelines, whether or not you're mentioned.  MORE


Then Christina Warren notices his outrage:

The experiments aren't dissimilar to some of the new notifications...but because they take place on the main timeline — and because there appears to be no way to remove these new additions — affected users are responding with outrage and frustration.  MORE


Dante D'Orazio experiences infernal Twitter hell:

Favorites have also been pseudo-private; while you can view a list of favorited tweets from an account's profile page or on a tweet's detail page, typically only the "favoriter" and the "favoritee" ever know about it.  MORE


Chuong H Nguyen ramps up his experiment:

The experiment began on a smaller scale several weeks ago and it appears that Twitter is widening this experiment to more users.


So far, Twitter has not responded to comments about its latest social experiment, though the company has a blog to explain some of its trials.  MORE


And Peter Kafka dumps on Twitter:

If they stick with this I will have to dump the "bookmarking fav" and the "don't want to say anything out loud fav" and "sarcastic fav".  MORE


Owen Williams hates being messed with:

it turns out people hate twitter messing with the feed.  MORE


Boris VvZ experiments with Twitter:

I favorited this post, that's why you see it.  MORE


Meanwhile, Carter Dotson teaches Twitter self-respect:

Twitter doesn't seem to understand why it's better than Facebook.  MORE

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