See, there's a solution after all

This A/V-tech pilot fish at a big midwestern university doesn't normally handle printer issues -- that's IT's bailiwick. But for some reason he gets sent out anyway when a user's complaint is "The printer isn't doing duplex."

"I figure the user's PC has a printer driver issue -- which I can't do anything about because IT has all the computers locked down," says fish.

"On arrival, I discover that it isn't a printer. It's a photocopier.

"It has a button for duplex copies on it, but the button does nothing.

"I take a picture of the serial number and contact info for maintenance, and call the business office.

"Business office looks up the copier and tells me, 'Oh yeah. That model has an optional duplex unit. We didn't get that option. It doesn't do duplex.'

"I explain the issue to the user. She is unhappy, but eventually acknowledges that there's nothing to be done.

"But to prevent further calls about this non-problem, I take a permanent marker and black out the word 'Duplex' below the button on the control panel.

"Problem solved."

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