Unclear on SEVERAL concepts

This IT department is facing major storage issues -- and they're going to turn critical before a bigger storage-area network comes on line, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"I was tasked to lead in a housekeeping exercise company-wide by my boss, the head of the systems management group," fish says. "He tells everyone that he's the most ideal candidate to be promoted for this job since he is the most 'techie' around in the company.

"A series of email exchanges took place as a result of this new and urgent task. First thing, he asked me what a SAN is and how do we use it in the company, so he can have a better plan on how this issue can be tackled.

"Later in the project, when I emailed him as part of the weekly update, he asked if there was any reason for the increase in space in the 'Daily Reports' folder.

"I replied that there were many factors contributing to the reduction in free space. In this case, the most likely reason was the generation of new reports going into the affected folder, because daily research reports need to be churned out for submission to management on a daily basis.

"His reply: 'Thanks. Work with the researchers to see if they can continue to churn out their reports daily as required but, at the same time, cut down on the storage space.'"

SPECIAL NO-GOOD-DEED-GOES-UNPUNISHED NOTE FROM SHARKY: What?!? A schedule slipping in an IT project? How could that happen? Yes, it's true: Sharky's move to Computerworld's new website is being delayed, so everyone can stop worrying for now. (There's still expected to be an even longer delay in moving tens of thousands of comments in the Sharkives -- and they'll still all be restored eventually.)

This is what happens when Sharky tries to give everybody fair warning.

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