Well, nobody asked!

Flashback more than a few years to the days when this pilot fish works for a big computer maker -- one that actually manufactures big computers.

"I was working in a small team that provided support to keep some production-line equipment running," says fish. "This equipment wrote the tracks on blank disks that were used to build disk drives."

One day fish gets word from his boss -- and a lot of other managers -- that the number of disk drives the facility is producing has dropped, and the problem is a lack of written disks coming off the equipment fish is supporting.

Fish's task: Climb into a bunny suit (something fish dislikes doing almost as much as the bosses do) and investigate the problem.

So fish dons his clean-room garb, enters the production area and finds the machine in question.

It's easy to spot: It's the one whose operator is just sitting in his chair, doing nothing.

How are things going? fish asks.

The reply: "The machine is no good. It's broken."

Fish: Did you tell anyone?

Operator: "No."

"It turns out the machine had been broken for one or two days," fish says. "The operator never told anyone so he could get a break from work.

"Soon after, we installed 'tattle-tale' lights on the machinery, with red, yellow and green lights to allow someone to see if the machine was broken, causing errors or running fine."

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