But aside from THAT, not a problem

It's a few years back, and this college's main computer facility is located in one building's basement, reports a pilot fish on the scene.

"Normally this was not a problem," fish says. "However, the day that the water main under Central Avenue broke, we discovered that there was a hatch into the steam tunnels. The hatch slammed open and a cloud of steam rushed into the computer room.

"The steam then condensed on the cold concrete ceiling, causing it to rain in the computer room. The VAXen were OK, as the rain puddled on the flat tops before running off the sides. The terminals, however, had open cooling vents on top.

"We finally got to get back onto the computers two weeks later, after all new terminals arrived and the air conditioner had been replaced. The air conditioner was 50 years old, and failed while trying to cope with the unusual conditions..."

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