And that's the SECOND reason we can't help

As this pilot fish arrives for his shift on the help desk at an Internet service provider, he's told about a user who's been calling all day with a printer problem.

"It was obviously not an ISP-related question, so our first-line response was 'We'd be glad to help you with any ISP issue, but we just don't have the training to handle customer printing problems,'" says fish.

"Nonetheless, the customer continued to call throughout the evening. Her persistence and hopeless voice finally earned her some serious effort on our part to solve her printing problem.

"We even went to speaker phone so that our whole crew could participate in the diagnostics, but eventually she was reduced to tears.

"Then around 8 p.m., apparently an on-site co-worker noticed her plight and asked if she could help.

"You can imagine our response, after the user described the problem, to hear the co-worker say, 'Betty, you're never going to get that to print. The printer is over there. That's the fax machine!'"

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