If there's a big red button, we'll find a way

It's a few years back, and this computer room has an area dedicated to print services, reports a pilot fish working there.

"There wasn't enough room to store all forms needed for any single shift, so a ramp was installed to let the printer operators use small carts to bring the forms in and out of the controlled computer room area," fish says.

"An emergency power-off switch had been installed at the top of the ramp -- no cover or protection, just this big red knob at a height of six feet. As luck would have it, an operator was walking up the ramp, tripped on the flooring and pulled the switch. A perfectly normal accident.

"Management mandated that the switch be moved an additional 12 inches higher -- still no cover -- so most people would have to work at pulling the switch.

"Then they went and hired a printer operator who was 6-feet-7-inches tall! Up the ramp, tripped, grabbed the switch...

"After that, management decreed that a cover be installed to protect the switch."

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