How the other half lives (really, about the same)

This IT exec pilot fish isn't usually on call for routine user issues. But one Saturday his company-issued phone rings anyway.

"They were requesting I personally handle a VIP-user trouble ticket," says fish. "At home.

"It seems the issue revolves around client email software for an administrative assistant. The complaint: The software refuses to allow her to use numbers in the email address.

"I suspect the keyboard is defective or unplugged, so I gather up a spare and rush over to close the trouble ticket ASAP.

"Upon arrival, I see the admin assistant has a high-end workstation laptop, Intel Core i7 processor and all of the extras known to man -- a better machine than the IT department has on issue.

"Seeing a cordless keyboard attached, I quickly determine that she has failed to enable the Num Lock toggle. She was also not aware that the numbers above the QWERTY row are good to go also.

"Trouble ticket closed, and back to soccer..."

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