Which part of @#$%! didn't you understand?

Manager at a remote factory is on the phone with this pilot fish, who's trying to get the password for the plant's new modem.

"I ask her to find the 10-digit code on the back and read it off to me," says fish.

"The first few characters seem fine, and then she says the next one is a sideways v. I finally get her to tell me that it's like the one above the comma on the keyboard -- the less-than sign -- and she reads off the remaining characters. At the end she says 0, backslash, 0.

"In total she gives me 12 characters, and I need 10. I have her verify everything again. She changes her mind about the backslash and decides it's a regular slash, but I still have 12 characters.

"I finally have her take a picture and text it to me.

"I get the picture -- and that last character ends up being the percent sign.

"Next time we'll start with a picture."

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