The Onion shows us that things can always get worse with Comcast

The Onion

Comcast has been in the news a lot lately for everything from a potential merger with Time Warner to its plans to cap Internet use for everyone. The public has generally not been too happy about these changes.

And now the satirical news site The Onion has decided to have some fun at Comcast’s expense, creating a video "newscast" explaining that Comcast customers will now be required to view a one-man show, Voices, by Comcast's president Brandon Graves before they can watch any additional programming.

The Onion goes on to report that the two hour show, which it describes as a “touching exploration of the human condition,” will be run in its entirety; customer will be unable to fast forward or skip the performance. And they should watch closely, because there will be a quiz at the end. But they needn't worry about passing – if someone fails, they just get to watch the entire show over again.

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