Latest iPhone 6 -- Rumors! And features! And pictures! (Oh my!)


Release date on track for fall.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is still expected to unveil the iPhone 6 in September. So where are all the leaked pictures and the rumors of features? You can rely on your humble blogwatcher to round them up, periodically.

Here's the latest batch, which puts a little more flesh on the bones.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers trust but verify.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.


Mark Gurman gurns at "leaked" photos:

Apple is expected to unwrap two next-generation iPhones with larger displays: a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5-inch higher-end “phablet”. ... Coming from an iPhone 5s, the design appears notably thinner and includes a new antenna cut design and no glass on the rear. [But] these are dummy models likely manufactured by resellers or case makers and are not photos of an actual, fully produced next-generation iPhone.

We’re hearing that the new iPhones will include a more efficient A8 processor for improved battery life. Apple is currently testing larger displays with a sharper resolution. ... Apple will likely take to the stage to unveil the new phones at some point in September.  MORE


The pictures came from Sonny Dickson, of whom Lisa Eadicicco has this to say:

Dickson has a strong track record when it comes to leaking Apple products. The Australian blogger leaked photos of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad Air, and Retina iPad mini before they launched last year.

It's expected to measure 5.4 by 2.6 by 0.27 inches, which is a bit thinner than the 4.8-by-2.3-by-0.29-inch iPhone 5s.  MORE


And Alan spots an odd YouTube video:

[It] allegedly reveals some of the specs for the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch Apple iPhone 6 models [saying] both will have the same resolution of 960 x 1704. That results in a pixel density of 416ppi for the smaller of the two, and a 356ppi pixel density for the phablet-sized version. ... The iSight camera on back will get a bump up to 10MP with an aperture of f/2.0.

The person who posted this video claims that it came from the website for the Apple iPhone 6, and obviously we need to take this with a huge grain of salt. ... Sometimes they are right on, sometimes they are way off.  MORE


So Ashraf Eassa opts for "way off":

There's not much new here (and that pricing info seems fishy). ... Something else fishy -- no improvements to the camera performance?

As the iPhone 6 nears launch, the signal-to-noise ratio...will improve, but right now it's hard to believe much of the stuff that gets out. ... I'm not buying this latest "leak."  MORE


Meanwhile, Jonny Evans waxes fantastic:

The first iterations of Apple Beats will be as iPhone compatible accessories, but as the technology improves they will eventually replace the smartphone. You'll be able to make phone calls and access the world's best high-fidelity streaming music service using Beats. You'll use an iPhone if you need that kind of device, but for many all you'll need is Beats.

If you intend launching an incredibly fashionable collection of wearable devices, you may as well own the most fashionable headphone brand.  MORE

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