As intended, Apple's WWDC is fuelling rumor and speculation


WWDC: You figure it out.

Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) is kicking off. Bloggers are kinda, sorta sure they know the talking points and topics to be covered during today's keynote presentation in San Francisco. Almost certain, Apple will unveil peeks at the new iOS 8 operating system for the iPad and iPhone, along with its full-fledged counterpart, OS X. Also expected are details about an Apple-centric automation system for a household Internet of Things, done Cupertino style.

Will that be everything? Mysterious covered banners at the Moscone center are fueling the rumor mill further -- eh, in other words, bloggers are having a field day.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers have been there, done that, and go back for more.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.


Internet of Things disciple, Ryan Fass, leads us to the promised land:

[What] I expect Apple will talk about on Monday and bring to market in the months ahead: an integration of devices, data and apps in a coherent form and on a scale of which we haven't seen in the mainstream electronics and technology markets.  MORE


And Dan Frakes knows what he wants to see -- when he gets there:

Over the past few weeks, we've been publishing lists...of the features and changes we'd like to see in iOS 8, covering Notification Center, Mail, Calendar and Reminders, Photos and Camera, accessibility, Safari, and other stock apps. In this final installment, we cover general features of the OS: the Home screen, Control Center, Siri, and more.   MORE


Flying first class, Jonny Evans crowdfunds his travel expenses:

I'm researching crowdfunding at the moment, so I thought it would be useful to share a few ideas to help developers (and investors) exploit the huge innovation opportunities Apple is revealing at WWDC.  MORE


But Ashleigh Allsopp hates buying tickets:

Expect to see Apple CEO Tim Cook on stage, probably joined by the likes of Senior Vice President Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue and Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, as the focus of the keynote is likely to be iOS and OS X.


After the fiasco that was last year's ticket sales for WWDC, Apple changed the way it issued tickets to developers this year. Instead of the first-come first-serve system that caused tickets to sell out within minutes for WWDC 2013, Apple invited developers to apply for tickets over a five-day period, after which it randomly selected attendees from those who applied.  MORE


Daniel Eran Dilger goes undercover banner:

In previous years, Apple has hung both unobstructed banners for supporting technologies like AirPlay, and additional secret banners that remained cloaked until the Keynote disclosed new initiatives. It looks like 2014 will be a year where a few more secrets are revealed.  MORE


Daisuke Wakabayashi, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Greg Bensinger (whew):

Apple's iBeacon allows apps to locate a user within a few inches, so that a phone can direct a driver to the nearest open spot in a parking garage or the shortest hot-dog line in a crowded stadium.


Apple is expected to reveal more iBeacon plans at [WWDC on Monday].   MORE


Meanwhile, Pranav Dixit kicks back on his easy chair:

I have a WWDC ritual. Every year, right before the keynote starts, I rustle up some comfort up TweetDeck on my iPad, and settle back to enjoy Apple's big reveals with streaming video on my laptop.


Apple's WWDC keynote will be live-streamed from Moscone West in San Francisco on Monday, June 2 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. That's 1 p.m. on the east coast.


Here are all the ways you can catch it:  MORE

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