Oh sure, bring reality into it!

University opens a new computer lab mid-semester -- and the new phone line starts ringing constantly with calls for the Help Desk, says a pilot fish on the scene.

"I call the help desk and ask why the calls are getting routed to the new lab," fish says. "Help desk checks with telephone services and inquires why the help desk lines are being routed to the new lab. Telephone services states that's the way the lines were requested by the management.

"I ask the requesting manager why the request was put in. She says that student assistants who monitor the lab should take overflow help-desk calls and after-hours calls, since they're just sitting around monitoring the lab.

"Help desk informs the manager that there aren't enough software licenses for the students to use the existing ticketing system.

"I suggest we wait until summer break, train the students on both the new help desk ticketing system and procedures for logging new tickets.

"Her response? 'You do not understand management. IT needs to say we provide after-hours support, and we need to let our users know that we are providing these services now.'

"I guess it doesn't matter if we are capable of providing these services or not."

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