So you thought BYOD would make support easier?

This company is transitioning its mobile devices from company-owned BlackBerry to BYOD, reports an IT manager pilot fish.

"One of the managers came to the IT project manager coordinating the rollout with some questions," fish says. "He asked, 'Will I be able to keep my BlackBerry once I go to BYOD?'

"What for? 'Well, the BlackBerry has a really good alarm function that I use. I don't really use the BlackBerry for much else, maybe the odd phone call. But I really like that alarm function.'

"I'm sorry, the IT project manager told him, but you can't keep the BlackBerry. We're getting rid of them. It won't work anymore. Besides, your new phone will have an alarm function that you can use instead.

"Manager said, 'Oh.' Then, leaning in closer, he added, 'Do you think you would be able to help me set up the alarm on my new phone?'"

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