And maybe a few seconds on what Perl is, too?

This pilot fish is working his first job as a web developer -- and it's also the first time he isn't in an office full of fellow techies.

"I was teaching myself Perl, and needed to print out some code," says fish. "I printed it, and when I went to the printer, the output tray was empty.

"Thinking I'd sent it to the wrong printer, I went back and double-checked that, yes, it was the right printer, so I printed it again.

"After a few minutes, I went to fetch it, and the output tray was empty. So I went back, printed it again and hurried to the printer to see if an error message came up.

"Just as I got there, the young lady whose cubicle the printer was right outside of got up, grabbed my printout, glanced at it -- and tossed it in the trash.

"Then she saw me and said, 'There's something wrong with my new printer. It keeps printing out this gobbledygook!'

"I spent the next few minutes explaining the concept of shared network printers."

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